What does C and T indicate in pregnancy test?

How do I read the test results? Pregnancy hormone levels present – 2 red lines in both the test window (T) and control window (C) means you may have retained products of conception. One line may be lighter than the other; they do not have to match.

What does the T line mean on a pregnancy test?

With some home pregnancy tests, one line means the test is negative and you’re not pregnant, and two lines mean the test is positive and you are pregnant. A faint positive line in the results window, on the other hand, can leave you scratching your head.

What does the R mean on Clinitest hCG?

PRINCIPLE: The Clinitest hCG Pregnancy Test is a chromatographic immunoassay (CIA) for the rapid determination of hCG in urine. … A pink-colored line at the reference region (R), the area between the control line region and the test line region has been adjusted to a level approximating 25 mIU/mL hCG.

How do I read my hCG Clinitest pregnancy test?


  1. When the urine hCG level is ≥ 25 mIU/mL, it indicates a positive result.
  2. When the urine hCG level is ≤ 5 mIU/mL, it indicates a negative result.
  3. When the urine hCG level is between 5 and 25 mIU/mL, it indicates a borderline result.
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How do you read a pregnancy test result?

– The test should not be evaluated after 30 minutes. If only one coloured line appears on the strip, the test is negative and you are not pregnant. If two coloured lines appear, the test is positive, which means you are pregnant. Even if the lines are light in colour, you may assume you are pregnant.

What does one line between the C and T on a home pregnancy test mean?

The test window shows two lines—one for the control line (C) to make sure the test worked and another, the test line (T), that shows a positive result. Positive: If two lines show up, even if the test line (T) is very faint, that’s a positive—or pregnant result. … Either you’re not pregnant or it’s too early to test.

How soon can a hospital pregnancy test work?

HCG can be found in your urine 5 to 7 days after conception or about 26 to 36 days after the first day of your last menstrual period. Except for very early in a pregnancy, this test can show if you are pregnant within days of a missed period.

Can I be pregnant and test says negative?

Is it possible to be pregnant and get a negative pregnancy test result? Yes, it is possible. Getting a negative result doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant, it may just mean your hCG levels are not high enough for the test to detect the hormone in your urine.

Is it a positive pregnancy test?

A positive result—even a faint line—on a pregnancy test means you’re almost certainly pregnant. False positive results are incredibly rare, and only happen if you have recently been pregnant, you’re on fertility medications containing hCG, or you have a rare medical condition that causes hCG to be present.

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Can you overfill a pregnancy test?

To perform the test:

Do not overfill the sample, only 1 pipette stem is required. Ensure the entire pipette stem is dispensed. Do not attempt to dispense any sample that is in the overflow reservoir.

What is a Clinitest used for?

Clinitest tablets are used to test how much sugar (glucose) there is in a person’s urine. Poisoning occurs from swallowing these tablets.

Which time is best for pregnancy test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is the day after your expected period and in the morning hours, with your first urination of the day. However, when you’re anxious to see results, it’s understandable if you are tempted to test earlier.

Why do you have to wait 3 minutes for a pregnancy test?

The tests ability to detect HCG hormone will be higher allowing an earlier positive result if you are pregnant. Usually the tests recommend waiting about 3 minutes before reading it. If you let the test sit too long the the test may show a false positive result. … A hormone is chemical produced in your body.

Which urine is best for pregnancy test?

In the early days of your pregnancy, when hCG levels are still increasing, your first morning urine will offer you the greatest chance of having sufficient hCG levels built up for a positive pregnancy test.

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